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NetBeans Mobility Pack For CLDC/MIDP 5.5

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Designing Applications with the Visual Mobile Designer

Designing Applications for Multiple Devices

Writing End-to-End Applications

Testing J2ME Source Code

Securing Mobile Applications

  • Securing Mobile Applications With NetBeans
    Although this article refers to NetBeans Mobility Pack 4.0, it is relevant for all later versions as well.

Other Mobility Pack Tutorials and Articles


  • Lukas Hasik's Blog
  • Martin Brehovsky's Blog
  • Fabiola's blog - en espanol
  • Petr Suchomel's blog
  • Anatole Wilson's blog

JavaOne NetBeans Mobility Sessions

View the slides or watch the whole presentations from JavaOne:


  • TS-5628 - Developing Flashy Mobile Applications using SVG and JSR-226
  • TS-5626 - Data Binding and Java ME
  • LAB-6340 - Advanced Java ME Programming: Streaming Video From a Server to Your Device
  • TS-9452 - Visual Development and Deployment of Advanced Mobile Applications
  • Java ME Technical Sessions and Labs (General Listing and Schedule)


  • Using NetBeans Mobility Pack to Develop JSR-226 Applications
  • Twelve Reasons to Use NetBeans Software: Episode 2
  • NetBeans Mobility Pack and Sony Ericsson - Living up to Developer Expectations
  • Other Java ME Technical Sessions (View multimedia or PDF)
  • Java ME Technical Sessions (Bulk PDF download)


  • NetBeans Mobility Pack: Living up to Developer Expectations
  • Developing Mobile Applications That Utilize Web Services: A Sprint PCS Case Study
  • Twelve Reasons to Use NetBeans

Mobility Chat Transcripts

Transcripts of recent live web chats about NetBeans Mobile Development are available :
  • Sun Talk on Demand: Going Mobile: Developing with Netbeans Mobility Pack 5.0
  • Sun Net Talk on Demand: Getting Started with Connected Device Configuration
  • Ask the Experts : NetBeans Mobility Pack 5.0 Beta
  • Chat transcript : Deep Dive on NetBeans Mobility Pack 4.1
  • Chat transcript : Create a MIDP Application Using Drag 'n' Drop
  • Chat transcript : Upgrade Your Mobile Development Tool
  • Chat transcript : Solving the Device Fragmentation Problem

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