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NetBeans To Take on Rival IDEs at JUG Cologne Shootout

June 28,

The rules are simple: Get on stage and give a 30-minute presentation. If a rival makes an unwanted remark, feel free—but at your own risk—to use your laptop as a projectile object.

Welcome to JUG Cologne's IDE Shootout where four top IDEs—NetBeans, Oracle, Eclipse and JetBrains—are set to face off on July 3rd. The event will be held at the University of Cologne (Germany), with NetBeans Evangelist Roman Strobl representing the NetBeans IDE!

The shootout is the first-ever multiple IDE session for JUG Cologne.

According to JUG leader and event moderator Michael Hutterman, the idea of an IDE face-off occurred to him when he considered re-inviting JetBrains, a past JUG Cologne guest, to give another presentation.

“In the past, I had one dedicated JetBrains IDEA event that was a big success and I wanted to re-invite them once again,” Hutterman said. “Because I know NetBeans has great community support here I thought of inviting NetBeans as well. But then what's an IDE Shootout without Eclipse? Then a JUG member asked about Oracle....”

NetBeans Evangelist Roman Strobl said he immediately agreed to participate when asked, citing the shootout as a unique event to showcase NetBeans's new features to the developer community in Cologne and to put other IDEs on alert.

“I thought it would be fun to have four different IDE vendors on stage,” Strobl said. “NetBeans has been improving significantly over the past several years, and we now have some interesting features that are absent in the other IDEs. So I think I might surprise some of the developers with how far NetBeans has come, especially with the 6.0 release."

The shootout panelists each get 30 minutes to make the case for their IDE. At the end of all segments, the panel and the audience will have an hour-long open discussion. Shootouts normally end with a publicly declared winner; at the end of the Cologne event however, no winner will be announced. Instead, developers will be left to conclude on their own about which IDE has made the strongest impact or best suits their needs.

“The shootout's goal is not to blame any one IDE, but to bring them to the community in Cologne and the whole Rhine area,” Hutterman explained, adding that Cologne was a major IT city with a vibrant developer community hungry for more unique events such as shootouts, which were a welcome departure from larger, multi-day conferences.

Strobl approved of the shootout's alternative approach: “There's obviously no clear winner in terms of functionality. Developers should learn about what are the strong and weak parts of each IDE." But he said he was looking forward to audience feedback during the open discussion segment set to follow the individual presentations.

And about those flying laptops? Although Hutterman said violence was not expected, he conceded that it was a possibility—with the right lightweight notebook.

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