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Submit a Screenshot!

One way you can help the NetBeans community is to contribute screenshots of NetBeans for use on the website. We like to try to keep the screenshots displayed on the site current with the latest NetBeans release - that means replacing all our screenshots quite frequently. That's hard for us to maintain, especially since we like to have shots from many different operating systems - but you can help!

Check out the existing screenshots pages; if there's something there that is not up-to-date for your OS/platform, send us new ones! While new screenshots are of course always welcome, if we already have some for a particular OS/version, preference is given to the more interesting ones - make them cool!

If you have some interesting customisations we'd love to see them too - localisations, skins, third-party modules ... make sure your shots show these off prominently.

Current screenshots pages :

Submission Guidelines

Here's some quick guidelines for submissions :

  • Please try to use the lastest release of NetBeans when taking the screenshots. This requirement is less important for shots showing interesting customisations, and even less so for shots of applications built on the platform;

  • Preferrably send a couple of different shots, up to 3 or 4, showing variations of windows, workspaces, configurations, ... etc;

  • If you're sending screenshots of the IDE or an app built on the platform, try to include a couple of different windows in each screenshot, showing some of the more interesting aspects of the IDE - eg interesting new features introduced in this release;

  • If you're submitting screenshots of a module or add-on, say for the Plugin Portal, try to include only the module specific windows or elements in your shots - those images should promote the module, not the whole IDE;

  • Include a brief description of your environment - OS, NetBeans version, anything else relevant. If you are using an application built on the platform, please provide some details of the app;

  • Include a brief description of what is visible in the image, what is happening (eg "code completion in the source editor");

  • Shots should be in as high resoloution and colour depth as you can (within reason), and in any standard image format - we can always scale down and reduce colour depth for the website;

  • If your shots are accepted and published, you will be credited by name (not email), unless you specifically ask not to be;

  • Send your screenshots to webmaster at netbeans dot org;

Thanks for contributing to netbeans!