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In an attempt to formally define what the NetBeans open source project is trying to achieve, and how we plan to achieve it, we've come up with the NetBeans Roadmap.

Please bear in mind that as with any open source project, all decisions are made by the community at large - that means you! If you see something here you disagree with, or think needs further discussion, then tell us about it !

Here is a graphical representation of the roadmap at present :

Vision Statement

Read the full vision statement.

The Near Future

After discussion on nbdev (the primary development list), it was decided that developers should aim to make frequent NetBeans releases. By this we mean a major, stabilized and thoroughly QA'ed release. Remember this is only a guideline, and any given release may of course move forward or slip.

Using this approximate release schedule, here's when the next few NetBeans releases should happen 

Version Release Date Links/Info Note
6.0 In Beta Fall, (Scheduled for release in November) NetBeans IDE 6.0 Info
5.5.1 Released on May 24, Download NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 Info
5.5 Released October 30, Download NetBeans IDE 5.5 Info
5.0 Released January Download NetBeans IDE 5.0 Info
4.1 Released May Download NetBeans IDE 4.1 Info
4.0 Released December Download NetBeans IDE 4.0 Info
3.6 Released April Download NetBeans IDE 3.6 Info
3.5 Released June Download NetBeans IDE 3.5 Info