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NetBeans module for the Google Checkout Java SDK

Google published a NetBeans module that will allow you to integrate Checkout SDK through a simple wizard and manage your Checkout handlers through a simple UI. This project is available as a distributable NetBeans Module and works with NetBeans 5.5.1 and greater.


AST View for Schliemann Editors

The trickiest part of creating an editor via the declarative Schliemann framework is working out the grammar rules. Did you know that the IDE provides a tool for viewing and analyzing the abstract syntax tree (also known as 'AST')? In his blog, Geertjan shows how to install the AST View and how to use it to debug your editor's grammar rules.

Test-Driven Rails Development

See how you can test your Ruby applications as you develop them. This article covers the latest unit testing features for Ruby applications available on the NetBeans IDE.

Screencast: Calling C Code with the Java Native Interface (JNI)

In this screencast, Roman Strobl shows how to call native C code from a Java class using the Java Native Interface. The demo was created using NetBeans IDE 5.5.1 with the NetBeans C/C++ Pack.


82 New Swing and Java 2D Samples

The recently released "Filthy Rich Clients", by Chet Haase and Romain Guy, provides in-depth explorations of visual and graphic effects in Java, specifically in Java 2D and Swing. All the samples discussed in the book are available as NetBeans projects. Download them, open them in the IDE, and run them. Geertjan's blog shows you that you can also turn them into plugins for the IDE or for any other NetBeans Platform application.


New Videos on had a chance to catch up with Rich Unger in Prague. He talks about his year-long dream sabbatical with his fiancee - seeing the world and dropping in on NetBeans users along the way. See what he has to say about the forthcoming 6.0 release, the GPL announcement and flying kites in Patagonia!
Also available are two new videos from Tor Norbye. One is on using hints and quick fixes in NetBeans Ruby and the other focuses on Ruby Editor Code Completion. You can find both of these in the Technologies section. Happy viewing.

Governance Board Elections - Nominations

This is the last call to submit your nominations for NetBeans Governance Board. The nomination period is open from September 3-16 and the voting will take place from September 17-30. The new members of the governance board will be announced to the community on October 1.


JRuby on Rails, NetBeans 6 and GlassFish V2 - Simplified Steps

Arun Gupta shows how easy it is to deploy a JRuby on Rails application on the GlassFish application server. His blog article highlights the improvements made in NetBeans 6 from M10.

What's the Difference Between a Ruby Gem and a Rails Plugin?

Do you know the difference between a Ruby Gem and a Rails Plugin? Both Ruby Gems and Rails Plugins are packaging systems - the main difference is the scope in which they are effective. Arun Gupta gives you all the details.

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