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NetBeans IDE Add-on
NetBeans Profiler

You must have NetBeans IDE installed first

With its tight integration into the NetBeans IDE work flow, the Profiler helps you build reliable and scalable applications.

Task-Based Profiling

Select from several of the most common tasks, such as standard CPU or memory profiling, or simple monitoring. The options are preset to default values by experts. Only the application-specific options are exposed to you. If you need to tune the tool's nuts and bolts, switch to custom profiling for full flexibility.

Speed up Performance

The Profiler can be set up to report only on the methods in which you are interested. Profile the entire application, or a subset, under a realistic workload. Using dynamic bytecode instrumentation and additional algorithms, the NetBeans Profiler obtains runtime information on applications that are too large or complex for other profilers.

Slim Down Memory Usage

Pinpoint leaking objects based on their special pattern of allocations and garbage collections (or lack thereof). Object liveness profiling tracks both object creation and garbage collection events. See the number, age, allocation paths, and other characteristics of objects currently in memory.

Untangle Your Threads

On the "Threads timeline" you follow threads activity side-by-side. In "Thread details" you get detailed information about one or more selected threads, including a list of all state changes in the thread life.

Attach the Profiler to a Remote Application

Attach and detach the profiler to a remote process. When the profiler is detached, there is no instrumentation in the application, and thus no overhead. Collect data for offline processing by saving snapshots of collected results for later.

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