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NetBeans IDE Add-on
NetBeans Enterprise Pack

You must have NetBeans IDE installed first

Add to the NetBeans IDE everything you need to immediately start writing, testing and debugging service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications using XML, BPEL, and Java web services. Design scalable and architecturally sound applications by leveraging the UML modeling capability. The UML modeling functionality is available from the Update Center and is not part of the Enterprise Pack download.

Visual Design Tools for your Business

The Enterprise Pack installs visual design tools for XML schema creation and visualizing BPEL based web service orchestration. Visualize the relationships between schema elements, and use queries to find usages or unused global components.


Develop and maintain SOA applications with the IDE's BPEL-based web service orchestration features. The BPEL runtime engine is integrated with the Sun Java System Application Server 9 and the NetBeans debugger.

XML Schema Editor

Use wizards for XML schema creation and modification, including Author by Example (ABE) schema editing. Visualize the relationships between schema elements and use queries to find usages and unused global components. Includes XML Schema, WSDL, and BPEL refactoring support, and Schema-based code completion.

Secure Web Services

The Identity Management Server is integrated with Sun Java System Application Server. Use the Access Manager runtime to build secure, identity-enabled web services. Also supports WSI-BSP token profiles to develop interoperable secure web services and federated Liberty web services.
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